Door handles

Door handles from Danapris Doors are a stylish and functional solution

Door handles are an important functional element of fittings. In addition to performing the tasks of opening and closing the door, they perform an aesthetic and interior function. You can buy door handles together with the doors at a good price in DANAPRIS DOORS salons, which is the leading manufacturer of doors in Ukraine. Entrance and entrance and interior doors of various opening types are available, to which the best and appropriate options from leading hardware manufacturers are offered.

How to choose door handles – tips and recommendations

Not only the functionality of the door and ease of use, but also its appearance and compliance with the interior of the room depend on the door handle. Therefore, their choice should be approached responsibly, giving preference to reliable manufacturers of door fittings. Presentable, most reliable and durable handles made of stainless steel, brass or bronze. They are resistant to mechanical loads, temperature changes and moisture, so they can be installed outside on the front door.

The main points to consider when choosing door handles:

Purpose of the door: entrance, interior, specialized;
Door type: hinged, hidden installation, sliding;
Place of installation and operating conditions of the door;
Appearance of doors, wall decoration and general interior style;
Personal taste preferences and financial capabilities.

It is better to choose the same doorknobs for interior doors in adjacent rooms so as not to disturb the general interior style. You can use the \”inconspicuous\” handle with an insert made of the same finish as the door. If you want to make an accent, you can try a combination of contrasting shades, for example, by installing a black handle on a white door leaf.

It is profitable to buy door handles at DANAPRIS DOORS

The modern door hardware market offers a wide range of handles for every taste and need. But not everywhere you can choose reliable and high-quality models that will fit a certain style of interior and will serve for a long time. Our company DANAPRIS DOORS offers quality door handles from leading manufacturers. The assortment is presented in various shapes and designs, most products are presented in several colors, which allows you to choose an option for any interior of the room.

Buying door handles in DANAPRIS DOORS salons is definitely profitable. Prices are pleasantly loyal, as all deliveries are made directly from manufacturers. In the door panels of our factory, we use only proven hardware, which is made of high-quality steel or brass. The coating can be chrome, polished or matte. Here you will find a large number of popular models, from the simplest constructions in the form of a bracket, to original modern models with locks and latches.

You can make a purchase online or visit our DANAPRIS DOORS showrooms in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Ternopil and Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, where they will select the perfect door hardware for you.