Interior doors Kharkiv

Interior doors are an important element in the implementation of interior design

The interior design of any room is created from a competent composition of numerous details and elements. High-quality interior doors are an important component of a cozy and functional atmosphere, so they require perfect execution of every detail. Residential and commercial premises cannot do without them, as doors perform not only a decorative, but also a functional mission. This is an important stylistic component that gives the interior completeness, as well as a space delimiter with noise-insulating functions.
For more than 13 years, our factory DANAPRIS DOORS has been a leading manufacturer of interior doors in Ukraine. The introduction of new technologies and modern technical production capabilities make it possible to create interior doors of individual size and design.
You can order painted interior doors, which will perfectly match the interior of a particular room. Due to their naturalness, veneer doors will look organically in any room, creating an atmosphere of home comfort
Interior doors – individuality and functionality
Interior doors should be chosen at the stage of renovation planning, taking into account the future design and functionality of the room. They rationally limit the space of rooms, providing good sound insulation, and can also be both an accent and a component of a single interior style. We pay special attention to the wishes of customers and do everything to ensure that our finished products fully meet the stated expectations
In order for interior doors serve you reliably for a long time, it is important to responsibly approach the choice of not only the door leaf, but also the accessories. Specialists of our company DANAPRIS DOORS will help you by offering the best option, taking into account your wishes and budget. We offer a full range of services from calculations and design to installation and warranty service. Our factory provides a manufacturer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s guarantee of up to 15 years for the door leaf.

Types of interior doors

There are single and double interior doors that have two opening panels. Also, one-and-a-half doors consisting of two half-parts are produced. One part acts as a full-fledged panel that opens, and the second part is smaller in width, which is fixed immovably.
According to the type of opening, the following interior door structures are:
• Swinging. Traditional, universal and the most common option. Door panel is fastened on hinges, opens inside or outside with the help of a handle. There are special hinges that allow you to open the panel in both directions.
• Sliding interior doors. A compact system that allows you to rationally use the small space of the room. The canvas moves with the help of rollers and a guide, shifting along the wall or inside a special niche.
• Complex. Compact designs, presented in two versions: accordion and book interior doors. They are similar in principle of opening, but differ in the number and size of sections. The book has 2-3 parts (sections), which are folded using hinges. The accordion has several sections connected by hinges that are moved by means of a slider and a rail.
• Hidden non-standard interior doors. A special design that is placed in one plane with the wall, as if merging with it. They look laconic and almost imperceptible (hidden).

Material for doors manufacture

Nowadays, various materials are used in the production of doors. It is the material that most buyers pay attention to when choosing and buying products. The following options are available for consideration and purchase:
• Wooden interior doors. Natural, ecological and aesthetic option, but the most expensive. They are distinguished by a beautiful texture and shade, high strength and durability. The most durable are noble oak interior doors that emphasize the status of the room.
• Interior doors made of MDF. A great alternative to expensive wooden models. MDF is applied to the surface of the door leaves in the form of wooden overlays, which can repeat the texture of almost any wood.
• Glass interior doors. Most often, glass is used as an insert that performs a decorative function. But there are models made entirely of glass, which are used for ultra-modern interiors.
DANAPRIS DOORS interior doors collections
Ukrainian door factory DANAPRIS DOORS presents LOFT, ART DECOR, NEO CLASSIC collections
• LOFT. A distinctive feature of the interior in the loft style is minimalism and space. Interior doors of LOFT collection are panel doors with a concise design and excellent ergonomics. Painted or veneered doors fit perfectly into a minimalist interior design.
• ART DECOR. Translated from French, ART DECOR means \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”the art of decoration\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. This is collection of interior doors, in which decor of the most different configurations can be used to realize the idea of design projects: inserts made of overlay glass or transporant glass, inserts of molding and mirrors, veneer and decorative stone, milling according to the individual sketch.
• NEO CLASSIC. The optimal combination of restrained forms and geometric patterns. Doors of this collection will be a great addition to home interiors and commercial premises in the neoclassical style. Door leaves are made of solid pine combined with MDF elements.

The introduction of new technologies and modern technical production capabilities allow us to create trends in \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”door fashion\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”, faithfully adhering to high quality standards.
DANAPRIS DOORS interior doors can be ordered at more than 80 showrooms throughout Ukraine.