Loft Line

Loft Line Interior Doors: Style and Quality for a Modern Interior

Overview of the Loft Line Interior Doors Collection

The Loft Line interior doors collection combines modern style and high-quality materials, designed for those who appreciate elegance and functionality. Each door in this collection features a frame made of pine timber filled with corrugated cardboard. For an additional fee, the filling can be replaced with mineral wool, providing enhanced sound insulation and thermal insulation.

The door frame is clad with MDF panels, adding strength and aesthetic appeal to the doors. The Loft Line collection includes 10 models, each with unique features and design.

Design and Finishing

The door panel in the Loft Line collection can be painted in one of the following RAL colors: 1013, 1015, 7045, 7047, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9010, 9016, 9018. The doors are decorated with milling and aluminum molding in matte chrome or black. There is also a model with decorated painted glass in three colors: RAL 9005, RAL 9003, RAL 1013.

The maximum size of the door panel is 2100 mm in height and 800 mm in width, making it suitable for a variety of interiors.

Functionality and Additional Options

The doors in the Loft Line collection are designed to be used only as single-leaf swing doors. Additional options include:

  • Ventilation grilles
  • Cat door
  • Stopper
  • Drop-down threshold
  • Aluminum edge around the perimeter of the panel

Customers can choose doors with the option to open inwards or outwards, to the right or left. The door panel that opens outwards has a rabbet, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Warranty and Production Time

Loft Line interior doors come with a 12-month warranty. The production time is 45 days, allowing you to quickly receive doors that will perfectly complement your interior.

Advantages of Loft Line Interior Doors

  1. High-quality materials: The use of pine timber, MDF panels, and the option of mineral wool filling guarantee the doors\\\' durability and reliability.
  2. Modern design: 10 models with different painting and decorating options allow you to choose doors that perfectly match any interior.
  3. Custom painting: The ability to paint in RAL colors (1013, 1015, 7045, 7047, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9010, 9016, 9018) lets you select the perfect shade for your home.
  4. Decorative elements: Milling, aluminum molding, and decorated painted glass give the doors a unique look.
  5. Flexibility in use: The ability to choose the type of opening, additional options, and door types allows you to adapt the product to the client\\\'s needs as much as possible.

Choose Loft Line interior doors and create a space that reflects your taste and individuality.