Plinth Danapris Doors as an element of interior design

An important element of the design of the premises is the plinth. It unites the floor, walls and doors into a single ensemble, making the interior cozy and complete. In addition, plinths protect against the ingress of dust and moisture into the joint between the wall and the floor, mask transitions or defects of textured finishes. They can also be used for neatly placing and hiding wires, network cables and other communications.
Ukrainian door factory DANAPRIS DOORS recommends ordering a plinth at the same time as the door, offering a decent and wide range of corresponding products. Make an appropriate choice, place an order and make a purchase online on the company\\\’s website or in the showroom.
Variety and choice of plinths
Plinth is a strip of small width that performs protective and decorative functions. It is attached around the perimeter of the room along the junction of the walls with the floor, closing and protecting it. A correctly selected plinth emphasizes the style of the room, makes it harmonious and cozy. When choosing, it is important to take into account not only the design compliance, but also the practical use of the room, durability, the ratio of consumer qualities and cost.
The construction market offers various options, which differs by materials:
• Wooden plinth. Traditional, but relatively expensive, requires smooth walls and floors, is sensitive to the effects of temperature and moisture.
• MDF plinth. Popular, practical and relatively inexpensive, made of finely dispersed mixture and laminated, characterized by high properties of strength and resistance to influences.
Traditionally, the plinth is selected according to the color scheme of the interior and its elements. Most often, the color is chosen to match the color of the floor, walls or doors. It can repeat the shade of the floor or differ from it by a couple of tones, be monotonous or with the same texture. If you choose the color of the walls with a pattern, you should highlight the basic tone. When the walls and doors in the room differ in tonality, the plinth can become a unifying element.

Quality plinth Danapris Doors

The DANAPRIS DOORS company offers a decent selection of veneered and colored plinths. Among the offered variety, you can choose a suitable option in terms of width and shade. You can choose a plinth painted to match the door or wall, as well as a decorative option. It is planned to be ordered for individual production.
Also it is offerd a plinth for hidden installation, which is installed flush with the wall and looks almost invisible. There is a veneered or primed insert with a height of up to 80 mm, a height of up to 120 mm is possible upon individual order. This type of plinth will look concise, harmoniously combining with the general interior of the room. The base for the hidden plinth is mounted at the stage of rough finishing of the walls.