Wall panels

Wall panels are a new trend in interiors

Wall panels are increasingly used for interior decoration of residential and commercial premises. It is stylish and aesthetically beautiful, practical and reliable, and easy to use. Panels on the walls can cover many architectural irregularities and defects, help to mask communications. They look exquisite in apartments and luxurious country cottages, in the interiors of expensive restaurants, hotels, in office and business premises.

Wall panels from DANAPRIS DOORS

DANAPRIS DOORS is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of doors and finishing materials. The offered high-quality materials are manufactured on high-tech equipment using innovative technologies. The presented products meet all the requirements of state construction standards and regulations.
It is definitely beneficial to order wall panels from DANAPRIS DOORS for interior decoration and room improvement, as they differ from other finishing materials in the following advantages:
• Simple installation, the process of which does not require leveling, special preparation and coating of the wall surface. It is enough to correctly install the crate and fix the panels with fasteners. They can be trimmed, which allows you to precisely adjust the shape and size.
• Hidden placement of communications (cable, wire, etc.) in the cavity between the panel and the wall, which makes the room aesthetic and comfortable. It is also a simple solution that allows you to hide problem areas and wall defects.
• A variety of decorations of wall panels of all kinds of shades, textures and styles, thanks to which you can decorate the room for any taste, embodying various interior ideas and ideas.
• Affordability for the broad masses of consumers, which allows you to make an incredible interior that will look noble and expensive, at quite reasonable prices.

Types of wall panels

The modern construction market offers wall panels of all kinds, which are made of different materials. They differ in cost, appearance, operational characteristics and purpose. Each type of material has its own advantages, which determines the possibilities of its use in rooms with different operational purposes.

DANAPRIS DOORS factory offers following options:
• Veneered wall panels. Natural wood veneer is applied to the strong MDF base of the panels. They have numerous variants of execution in different shades, textures.
• Wall panels made of painted MDF. Environmentally friendly, strong, durable and inexpensive. MDF cladding can be painted in any color according to the RAL and NCS.
Ceramic granite wall panels (Laminam). Large-format slabs with numerous decorative possibilities and a wide range of uses. They are characterized by high quality, excellent operational qualities and durability. They can be monochrome and with different textures, imitating stone, wood, metal, textiles.
• Glass wall panels. Original and practical finish, advantageously distinguished by moisture resistance, durability, resistance to temperature changes. A huge selection of styles and textures, different glass can be used: frosted or transparent, colored in different shades, black opaque, tinted. In addition, glass can be decorated with stained glass, photo printing, sandblasting patterns, artistic elements, fashionable fusing and others.
• Mirror wall panels. A stylish option for design and decorative refinement. They add more elegance, light and shine to interiors, help visually expand the room and create incredible optical illusions. They can be tinted, and drawings and patterns can also be applied to the surface.
• HPL wall panels. Universal finishing material, which is a high-quality layered plastic, environmentally friendly and safe. It is characterized by fire-resistant and anti-vandal properties, resistance to moisture, does not rot and corrode, does not release harmful substances at high temperatures. The texture can imitate stone and natural wood.

At our factory DANAPRIS DOORS, you can choose wall panels for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and even for finishing the balcony. Our specialists will advise and help you make a choice, offer optimally suitable and best options. We individually approach the fulfillment of each order, take into account the features of the premises, the customer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s wishes and his financial capabilities.

We can produce decorative wall panels according to individual sketches from glass, mirror, MDF, ceramic granite, HPL, arranging them in all kinds of decorative ways and creating real masterpieces.

Our company provides a full range of services: taking measurements, calculations and design, production and decoration, dismantling of old structures and installation of new wall panels. We provide warranty and service, as well as delivery to any point in Ukraine. If necessary, we deliver products abroad, because due to their high quality and stylistic diversity, they have been appreciated in many countries.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”