Hidden installation doors Kremenchug

Doors of hidden installation are a stylish design solution

Doors of hidden installation are popular in modern interiors and are perfect for residential and commercial spaces. They look as organic and unobtrusive as possible, as they almost completely merge with the walls. They can be aesthetically hidden in the room by decorating in the general style or in the color of the wall. This is a stylish solution, with the help of which you can create a harmonious and refined atmosphere of minimalism.
If you decide to order a hidden door with an individual design and size, contact our Ukrainian door factory DANAPRIS DOORS. We have been one of the leading manufacturers in Ukraine for more than 11 years. Connoisseurs of minimalism, space and interesting design solutions will like this choice.

Advantages of hidden installation doors

Doors with hidden installation are a special type of construction, which includes an aluminum jamb, an aluminum frame of door panels, hidden hinges, and a magnetic lock mechanism. An aluminum jamb and frame allow you to make a door of the maximum width. The door leaf is harmoniously located in one plane with the wall and looks concise. Such doors can be invisible or act as an accent in the interior.
According to the method of opening, interior doors of hidden installation can be classic swing, carousel or pendulum, which open according to the principle of subway doors. For the rational use of the space of small rooms, the best option would be a hidden installation sliding door system, which opens by moving the canvas into a special niche in the wall or along the wall.
When choosing, you should decide which model, shade and style. Our DANAPRIS DOORS factory offers all types of finishes: polyurethane prefinished for further decorating, painted MDF, mirror, glass, ceramic granite, egger and HPL. With the right choice, each of the options will look impressive. Concealed doors with glass or a mirror visually increase the space of the room.
It is worth highlighting the main predominant characteristics:
• Invisibility effect. An aesthetic possibility to hide the joint between the opening and the wall, which allows you to make any room in the house (utility room, bathroom, dressing room, laundry room, storeroom) secret.
• Minimalism and compactness. A rational choice for limited spaces. This is a good way that allows you to improve the proportions, as a result, the room visually looks more spacious, and the walls higher.
• Wide decorative possibilities. Installation in one plane with the wall allows you to make all kinds of wall decor, decorating the space as you like, using different shades, realizing any ideas and fantasies.
• Installation in non-standard doorways. Hidden doors can be installed in rooms with slanted ceilings, under stairs and in other spaces with non-standard openings.
• Additional functions. For example, a hidden doorway can be disguised as shelves, resulting in additional space for storing things or placing decor elements.

Hidden installation doors from DANAPRIS DOORS

It is profitable to order the manufacture and installation of doors with a hidden jamb in our company DANAPRIS DOORS. We offer a wide range of hidden models at pleasantly loyal prices that will satisfy the various expectations of the customer. Any of the options can be styled for the room or decorated according to your wishes. At the same time, we provide a manufacturer\\\'s guarantee of up to 15 years for the door panel and jamb.
DANAPRIS DOORS company provides a full range of services: consultations, measurements, production, decoration, disassembly and assembly, as well as warranty and service. In addition, we deliver to the entire territory of Ukraine and abroad. By contacting us, you will definitely be satisfied, as our doors will complement and emphasize the individuality of your interior.