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Entrance doors DANAPRIS DOORS

An important component of the style, comfort and safety of any home is a high-quality and reliable entrance door. It helps to create a favorable atmosphere in the room, providing protection from cold, bad weather, noise and dust, protecting against unauthorized entry of intruders. In addition, it is an important element of the exterior and interior design of houses and buildings.
Our company offers collection of entrance doors that differ in functionality and aesthetic appearance. For many years, we have been one of the leading door manufacturers in Ukraine, which satisfies all the wishes of consumers. Thanks to our own production facilities, the use of innovative technologies and a creative approach, we manufacture high-quality doors that have been appreciated in many countries.

Company DANAPRIS DOORS has opportunity to produce entrance doors of typical designs and current styles, as well as non-standard sizes and designs. If the owner wants to emphasize the presentability and originality of his home, it is possible to issue an individual project according to the customer\’s drawings. The capacities of the factory, the application of innovative production technologies and the work of the design team allow us to realize various wishes and all kinds of ideas.
Ordering and buying entrance doors at DANAPRIS DOORS is definitely profitable. A team of specialists responsibly approaches the fulfillment of each order, taking into account the wishes and budget of the buyer. By contacting us, you will receive an individual approach and professional assistance in choosing the optimal option. Only high-quality materials and reliable fittings are used in production, which meets international standards and norms.
DANAPRIS DOORS provides a full range of services. Our specialists advise, take measurements and make calculations, design and come up with original designs, manufacture and decorate, dismantle old door sets and install new ones. We offer entrance doors with installation and subsequent service. In addition, our company carries out delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine, and if necessary, delivery abroad is possible.

Actual types of entrance doors

About half a century ago, wooden front doors were popular, which are installed much less often today. They look presentable, have good heat and sound insulation, but are expensive and have significant disadvantages, such as resistance to moisture and tendency to deformation. Nowadays, the range of materials used in door production has expanded significantly. As a result, aesthetic and attractive products with improved characteristics, different styles and purposes are manufactured.
Entrance metal doors, which consist of two sheets of metal (thickness up to 1.8-2 mm), are popular. Uninsulated structures are installed in vestibules, basements and other non-residential premises. In insulated models for residential premises, mineral wool and polyurethane sealant are most often used as insulation. Stiffeners are provided to avoid warping. For decorative design, MDF panels (overlays) are used, they are in different shades and textures.
Advantages of DANAPRIS DOORS entrance doors
DANAPRIS DOORS entrance doors factory are characterized by the following advantages:
• Optimal ratio of excellent quality and loyal price;
• Metal sheets of high strength (1.8 mm thick);
• MDF overlays for decorative designs for any taste;
• High indicators of impact resistance, heat and noise insulation;
• High-quality, reliable and functional accessories, tested over the years;
• Equipped with special plugs and anti-cuts to protect against hacking;
• Long-term service without special care and maintenance;
• Providing a guarantee for the door leaf for up to 15 years.
The entrance door to the apartment is made in various styles, including a unique design by individual order. A popular solution is when the interior decoration (on the living side) is done identically to the style of interior doors, which allows you to create a complete and cozy interior space.
Insulated entrance doors are characterized by improved heat and sound insulation, which allows you not to worry about the cold, drafts and extraneous noise from the street. Such indicators are achieved thanks to the use of polystyrene foam filling and foil insulation of Isolon.