Glass partitions

Glass partitions in a modern interior

Glass partitions are functional and aesthetic structural elements of modern interiors, the use of which is relevant in various situations. They are used for practical division of space in residential premises, offices, shops, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants and other places. It is an ideal choice for harmonious zoning of space, which, in addition to creating stylish interiors, helps to solve the problem of insufficient lighting and the difficulty of installing standard door structures
The Ukrainian door factory DANAPRIS DOORS offers custom-made glass partitions of various designs, dimensions, shades and designs. There are models of the sliding type, which allow you to rationally use small spaces, dividing them into functional and cozy zones. When you contact us, you will definitely be satisfied, as we are able to satisfy any needs and expectations.
Features of sliding glass partitions
Nowadays, sliding glass partitions are very popular due to the fact that they organically combine the transparency and lightness of glass with the strength and aesthetics of an aluminum frame. Thanks to their simplicity and transparency, glass systems correspond to the fashion trends of minimalism. They perfectly fit into almost any interior, rationally divide the space, making the room functional, cozy and stylish.
Glass interior partitions are characterized by the following advantages:
• Excellent light transmission, thanks to which you can divide the room and ensure that light enters both parts of it. A great solution for dark rooms.
• Rational use of space, as the panel is moved to the side along the wall with the help of rollers and does not take up space.
• Reliability and strength of structures made of thin aluminum profiles, tempered glass (8-10 mm thick), high-quality fittings and strong fasteners.
• Safety thanks to the use of high-strength tempered glass, which is difficult to break. But if this happens, it will simply break into small fragments without traumatic sharp edges.
• Easy use and maintenance. Glass does not attract dust, its surface is easy to clean with the help of simple household products.
• A variety of construction and design solutions, which allows you to implement almost any wishes and ideas.
In private houses, cottages and modern apartments, glass partitions are used for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, showers and other rooms. They allow you to not just functionally zone the space, but to create original and stylish interiors, bringing them a special decorative highlight. Glass office partitions are popular, which allow you to simultaneously separate and combine the work space.
DANAPRIS DOORS\’ sliding glass partitions
It is profitable to order glass partitions at the DANAPRIS DOORS door factory, where models of various styles and for any purpose are presented. These designs are distinguished by functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, reliable and long service life. They are made from a high-quality aluminum profile of minimum thickness and strong tempered glass, which can be matte, transparent or tinted. Accessories and jumpers can be painted to harmoniously fit into a specific interior.
DANAPRIS DOORS offers eight original and current design variations of glass partitions:
• Tokyo
• Napoli
• Paris
• Hollywood
• New York
• Manchester
• London
• Geneva\”
They are distinguished by innovative technical, structural and stylistic solutions. Each option looks unusual and spectacular, creating a special atmosphere corresponding to the style of a particular region. Our specialists will be happy to help you make a choice if you have any doubts.
You can order and buy glass partitions at our factory at pleasantly loyal prices. A team of specialists approaches the fulfillment of any order individually, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of the client. We are able to complete tasks of any complexity, turning even creative ideas into reality.