Specialized doors

Specialized doors from DANAPRIS DOORS

Specialized doors are installed in premises where strict compliance with certain standards and norms is required. These can be products with improved heat and sound insulation characteristics or with fire-resistant, anti-vandal, antibacterial and other properties. DANAPRIS DOORS factory is one of the leading manufacturers of doors in Ukraine, including doors for various specialized purposes.

Custom doors from DANAPRIS DOORS

DANAPRIS DOORS factory has been successfully presented on the Ukrainian market for more than 11 years. In addition to interior and entrance doors, we also offer custom-made specialized doors for residential, office, administrative, commercial and entertainment, industrial, warehouse, medical and other facilities. In the production process, all technical standards and norms are strictly observed. Each product has a certificate of conformity of DSTU, which certifies the necessary characteristics.

It is profitable to buy fire doors or other specialized models from us for the following reasons:
• Individual and responsible approach to each order;
• Numerous assortment that satisfies any needs;
• Use of high-quality and reliable accessories;
• Strict compliance with the terms of the order, specified in the contract;
• Loyal prices from the manufacturer, discounts and bonuses for regular customers;
• 12-month warranty from the moment of installation on all components of the door unit.
Having made a decision to buy medical doors or fire-rated doors from our company, you definitely will not lose.
Specialized fire-rated doors
Fire-rated doors are intended for installation at facilities where it is necessary to ensure fire safety for people, preservation of valuables and property. These models serve as an obstacle to fire, completely stopping or slowing down its spread, protect against extremely high temperatures and toxic combustion products. They also provide safe and quick evacuation from premises and buildings.
Our factory offers metal fire doors with visible slats or hidden installation. An aluminum frame and panel made of two steel sheets, the space between which is filled with fire-resistant basalt wool. Along the perimeter, a strip of intumescent material, which increases in volume at high temperatures, preventing the penetration of smoke through the gaps. Reliable accessories that do not deform under extreme heat. In addition, viewing windows made of fire-resistant glass, ventilation grilles, and \\\”anti-panic\\\” barrier systems are installed.
Specialized medical doors
Medical doors are intended for installation in premises with high requirements for cleanliness and sanitary and hygienic standards (medical and pharmacological institutions, laboratories). These models meet hygienic requirements, they are resistant to moisture, aggressive environments, impacts and abrasion. They help maintain a special microclimate in the premises, protecting against dust, moisture, odors, and extraneous noise.
Most often, plastic doors are used for medical institutions. Our factory offers models with an aluminum frame and HPL panel (a material made of layered plastic). The HPL panel is characterized by environmental friendliness, moisture resistance, anti-vandal and fire-resistant properties, does not corrode, does not release harmful substances when heated. To increase the functionality and ease of operation, it is equipped with special accessories and a viewing window.